About Us

Pelios – be one with us.

Not every electronics company is the same. At Pelios, we build products on a belief that technology should simplify life, not complicate it. For us, that means product design that is built to last; manufacturing techniques that permit repair, reuse and longevity; and products that are simple, functional, and affordable for customers from all walks of life.

All Pelios products are backed by a world-class warranty. We will repair any product for the life of the product and, if it cannot be repaired or it has reached end-of-life, we will tear down and recycle your Pelios product and give you 10% off your next purchase. Every Pelios product comes with a better-than-industry warranty and a lifetime repair warranty.

Sustainability isn’t just a catch phrase at Pelios, it’s a central mission of our company. We believe that no Pelios product should ever go into a landfill. Our mission is to be 100% carbon neutral throughout our supply chain and offer 100% product recyclability, as well as ensuring 0% of our products or product plastics end up in our oceans.

Building technology that you do not have to think about, backed by service and quality that enhances your life and the life of our planet – that's where our vision lies. Our customer care is central to our vision of a family of Pelios products designed to help make daily life profoundly wonderful.

Come join us and enjoy our eclectic mix of best-in-quality products for you, your family, your home, and your life.